St Non

St Non was the mother of St David. After her education, she moved to a house on the site of the ruined Chapel. This was where St David was born around the year 500 AD. In the ruins of the Chapel built over the place of St Non's house can be seen a 7-9th century creed stone with an incised Latin ring Cross. This has come to be known as the Cross of St Non.

Pilgrims coming to St David's try to visit many of the holy places associated with St Non and St David.

Their pilgrimage is a real searching for the Truth that these men and women lived. They then return home renewed and committed to making the Gospel a living reality.



St Non's Well

"There is a fine Well beside it (St. Non's Chapel), cover'd with a Stone-Roof, and enclos'd within a Wall, with Benches to sit upon round the Well. Some old simple People go still to visit this Saint at some particular Times, especially upon St. Nun's Day (March 2nd) which they kept holy, and offer Pins, Pebbles, Ec at this well"

(Survey of St. David's by Browne Willis, London 1717)

Near the Chapel ruins is the Holy Well of St Non which tradition says sprang up at the birth of St David.

It is regarded as one of the most sacred wells in Wales.

The water is considered to having healing and miraculous powers. Even after the Reformation the well continued to be frequented by the faithful.

It was fully restored and rededicated by the Passionist Fathers in 1951. At the same time a small shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary was placed opposite the well







Chapel of Our Lady & St Non

Near the retreat house is the chapel of Our Lady and St Non

which was built in 1934. Mr Cecil Hubert Morgan Griffiths, a Carmarthen solicitor, had it built in the native style used on the Pembrokeshire coast as early as 500 AD.

It contains many stones from ruined pre-reformation chapels in the area.

The stained glass windows depict Saints Non, David, Bride, Brynach and Winifred. Many of the carved and incised stones were left in the altar of St Non, which also contains a white heart-shaped stone from the altar of St Patrick's Chapel.

The Passionists are the owners of the property and they have granted the Sisters of Mercy a licence to occupy and manage St Non's Retreat Centre.





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